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To The Troops

I support each of you -- as always. Your work -- your sacrifices -- the risks you take -- and what your family and loved ones go through when you are away. I'll never take you for granted and I pray for you every day. You know you make us all proud back here at home! Come back to us soon, safe and sound! :)

And for all the men and women in uniform: cops, troops of course, and those in plain clothes. Together, you are "The Atlas" of the world, and it is for you that the world is a better place. Stay safe!

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Friday, March 19, 2010


So many times, we pray for -- yearn for -- and beg for some huge miracle to come into our world and set things right. Something that will "rock our world" and clear all the chaos away, the pain, the confusion, the despair.

And also so often, we ignore the quiet miracles, the ones that pass without so much as a whisper or a shadow. A smile. A hand held out. A star held up in the sky by an "invisible hand" just for us the make a wish.

A miracle is something we need to give and a miracle is something we need to receive -- to live a blessed life, whatever your religion is or not. We need to be open enough to the experience. Without being taken advantage of by someone with less integrity who would manipulate and take advantage of hope and trust, and without giving too much and sacrificing yourself unnecessarily. A miracle is a blessing, that keeps the energy around you -- or turns it -- into something positive.

I call these "The Daily Miracles". The ones that are there for us or offered by any of us. This is significant. It means OUR actions are the ones that fill the world with miracles -- we are the ones who can make the most difference for one another.

And this is how we create a state of grace, a "Shangri-La" in the tumult and discord that tries us all. It is our ability to focus not on the shadows, but on the sun, the healing rain, the new growth and our friends, family and comrades that keeps us going. It is hope, plans for a vibrant future, and sometimes just knowing you'll have a blanket and pillow to sleep on.

A miracle. It can be the simplest of things. A 5 year old's pink barrette. A grandma's book of secret recipes. A loving couple's silliness as they race down the beach. Possibilty, promise, whatever you need or want -- it may not come when you want it, but it will always be there some time. Like a candle in the window on a cold winter's night, keeping the dark at bay...

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