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To The Troops

I support each of you -- as always. Your work -- your sacrifices -- the risks you take -- and what your family and loved ones go through when you are away. I'll never take you for granted and I pray for you every day. You know you make us all proud back here at home! Come back to us soon, safe and sound! :)

And for all the men and women in uniform: cops, troops of course, and those in plain clothes. Together, you are "The Atlas" of the world, and it is for you that the world is a better place. Stay safe!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mobile Fun

In life, we are often reminded to bring our work with us.

Briefcase -- important documents -- tools, etc.

But when was the last time you were reminded to bring "mobile fun"?

I.e., deck of cards -- dice -- a notepad and pen for a last-minute game of pictionary -- the rules for charades -- a notepad for designing your dream room, making a list or plan for some project, or even to write a good old timey letter to a loved one -- even a role-playing book (some can be down-loaded online) and special dice (can be bought online) -- and you can play fantasy characters with pals. And always, we might be able to scare up a book or a ball, even it's just a handball or a hackysack. You could even just take a walk with a friend.

So often, we omit pleasure -- not intentionally. Just because we don't put it on our "List Of To Dos". WE are the most important TO DO.

Why do we need fun?

* To enjoy our pals
* To get our mind off things
* To take a break from work -- a real break, where we stop dealing with work/talking about work and STEP AWAY FROM THE "DESK"!
* For fun!
* To make new friends
* To stay active, mentally, emotionally and/or physically
* To save money on things that don't bring lasting pleasure (i.e., beer, fast food, nasty gossip)
* Taking a break lets the subconscious work on problems, facilitating problem-solving and trouble-shooting

This mental break is a refresher and helps maintain a convivial air with those you deal with on a regular business. And, most essentially, it reminds you that "You're #1" -- you may not always be able to put yourself (needs and wants) first, but you must still make yourself a priority, and downtime is one of those priorities.

And did I mention -- recreation is a major stress-buster? :)

Hugs and Kisses,

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